Biometric Time & Attendance

We are partnered with Matrix and ESSL for Biometric Time and Attendance solutions. Being the partner and trained staff from manufacturer we will be able to provide the best solutions with timely support.

Why do you need Biometric Time Attendance

Get accurate attendance without dedicated HR

If you are a small business owner probably you or your accounts person will be looking at attendance, Getting attendance on time and accurate will be time consuming and tedious work. Punctuality, leave and work hours of employees will be vital information in deciding your employee performance. A simple, easy to use and effective biometric device with right software will help you save time, resource and efficiency; after all time and employee are the lifeline for Small Business.

Leave Credit

Before buying a off the shelf Biometric see if it includes these essential features.

  • Shift Management (Fixed Shift vs Flexible Shift vs Multi Shifts)
  • Grace Period for In/Out, Minimum Work Hours for Full Day / Half Day
  • Leave Management
  • Outdoor Entry (On Official work)
  • OT Calculation
  • Manual Entry
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and yearly Reporting

We have worked with various industry verticals and understand the uniqueness each industry has. With our experience and in depth knowledge of the product we offer a advance level Time & Attendance Software with right Biometric device which helps you to manage your employees Time & Attendance including Overtime, Leave, multi-shift, Comp-off etc. Very much useful for SME’s with fewer employees and single location.


Matrix COSEC Solutions

Small organizations find it difficult to control things and the movement of people. This invariably leads to productivity loss and discipline issues. Manual registers are not effective. Matrix COSEC  is a professional Time-Attendance solution specially designed for small organizations. COSEC  manages the diverse requirements of systematic yet flexible timings with user-wise attendance, shifts and leave policies. Matrix COSEC dramatically improves productivity and discipline of the organization.

Comprehensive Time-Attendance Solution for SOHO

For any organization, managing time-attendance is a paramount yet critical challenge. Matrix Time-Attendance solution provides an automated solution that supports effective solution for small organizations. This automated attendance solution enhances productivity of employees.

Flexible Attendance Policy

It becomes a cumbersome task to capture time-attendance rules of an organization and automate them. Matrix COSEC SAMAY offers complete flexibility in defining time attendance policies. It allows formation of different rules for different employees including Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime, Compensatory-Off and Attendance policies.

Leave Management

Employee’s paid leaves and absenteeism have a significant impact on an organization’s culture, discipline and balance sheet. Matrix COSEC SAMAY allows the manager to create different leave types with options like leave encashment, leave credit/debit, leave carry forward to next year and combine with other leaves. To improve transparency and productivity with such systematic and automated leave management, manual registers and excel sheets gets redundant.

Direct Reports in Excel

Any time-attendance solution is as good as the accurate output it generates. To allow easy data handling and presentation, Matrix COSEC SAMAY uses widely popular MS Excel as its reporting tool. It generates various Time-Attendance and many other reports directly in the MS Excel files. User can further analyse and edit these Excel reports easily using filters and other Excel functions removing all the constraints associated with standard reports.

Integration with Tally and Payroll

The data for time-attendance is worthless if it cannot integrate seamlessly with the payroll application that an organization uses. Matrix COSEC SAMAY offers one-touch and online integration with Tally. In addition, COSEC SAMAY allows customized attendance data templates with selective fields suitable for exporting to any payroll application. Such tight and seamless integration eliminates error prone manual data entries and transfers saving organization’s valuable time.

  • Adapts to Organization’s Real Attendance Needs
  • Easy to Install, Configure and Manage
  • User-wise Attendance Marking and Processing
  • Interpret Data Easily for Quick Decisions
  • Instant Notifications on Exceptions
  • Prevents Human Intervention, Errors and Manipulation
  • Accurate and Timely Salary Data for Payroll


Matrix Cosec Solution

People are the most valuable asset and their time is just that much a valuable resource. To avail the benefits of time-attendance policies, biometric machine for attendance must be chosen wisely. Managing people′s attendance and timings is a basic, yet critical challenge for any organization. One cannot underestimate the complexity of time and attendance due to organizational structure, hierarchy and disparate operational needs.

It is very challenging to capture time and attendance rules of an organization and automate them because of the diversity in attendance, timings and leave policies from one location to another, from one department to another and from a person to person. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance solution meets these diverse requirements by offering a superlative range of flexibility in attendance policies, configuration, integration and report generation. Matrix biometric time-attendance system can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party payroll system.

Matrix COSEC hardware devices are installed at entry and exit points to capture user entries and exits. These award-winning devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance. They support multiple credentials such as Palm Vein, Fingerprint and RFID Card, multiple connectivity options and SMS/Email notifications fulfill time-attendance requirement of all types of organization.

Time & Attendance


Mark Attendance Using Multiple Credentials
Attendance Data will be Pushed in Real-time
Organizational Hierarchy
Selectable Entry/Exit Modes
Late-In/Early-Out Policy
Overtime Policy and Authorization
Compensatory Off (C-OFF) Policy and Authorization
Absenteeism Policy
Shifts and Schedules
Holidays and Restricted Holidays
SMS/Email Notifications
Manual Attendance Correction
Leave Management
150+ Reports and Charts
Integration with Payroll, ERP or HRM Software

ESSL Smart Office Solution

Smart Office suite will allow small and medium enterprises to reduce the hard work involved in day-to-day employee administration and allowing you to concentrate more fully on developing your business.

Smart Office Solution

Benefits of desktop based smart office:

  • Smart office software is easy to install and access and helps enterprises to minimize the cost and time involved in managing employees’ data.
  • By using this software firm can track the time and attendance of employees.
  • Send instant SMS to employees when they punch in/ out in the device.
  • By using this software firm can manage effectively employee’s multi shifts and leave management.
  • Desktop based software will allow enterprises to set up time for automatic data download to PC from devices.

Benefits of web based smart office:

  • By using web based smart office software SMEs can monitor and connect all branch offices together (Multi-location centralization).
  • Employees can access their own data ie. attendance, can apply leave, and can access documents from anywhere across the globe.
  • This software can send web based SMS to employees of their attendance status.


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