Backup and Continuity

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with reliable backup & continuity plan, maximize business continuity and avoid business disruptions

There’s a lot of genuinely interesting facts about why backup and disaster recovery is important to organizations and the costs of not having this in place.

There are many steps a business should take in order to make sure they are protected from threats and disaster. One of these steps definitely include investing in data backup and recovery services for your business. Most people understand how important it is to have this form of managed IT services in their current business plan, and those who don’t, should certainly see the merits of it. Getting your business protected in the event that anything should happen should be at the top of every business owners to do list.

There are basically four reasons why you might lose data: hardware failures, software bugs, human action, or natural disasters. Although modern hardware tends to be quite reliable, it can still break seemingly spontaneously. The most critical piece of hardware for storing data is the hard disk, which relies on tiny magnetic fields remaining intact in a world filled with electromagnetic noise. Modern software doesn’t even tend to be reliable; a rock-solid program is an exception, not a rule. Humans are quite unreliable, they will either make a mistake, or they will be malicious and destroy data on purpose. Nature might not be evil, but it can wreak havoc even when being good. All in all, it is a small miracle that anything works at all.

The benefits of data backup and recovery include:

  • Peace of Mind for Business Owners – Business owners are able to task manage various activities at any given time and know what is happening with their business. That is why having to worry about if their data is backed up shouldn’t be something to think about. Knowing that your business is protected in the event of a disaster is a critical part in having peace of mind in the workplace.
  • Protect your Clients’ Files – Depending on the industry, many businesses will store client files along with their own. This serves a sort of Rolodex of information that business use throughout the day. If this is lost, businesses will be forced to recoup this information somehow. It is a lot easier and saves a lot of hassle if something happens to have this data backed up and ready to go.
  • Easy Recovery – If something should happen, then we have you covered. A business is much more than a brick and mortar location; it is the sum of its information and data. That is why losing a physical location is not nearly as bad as losing important files within the business. Be sure to protect the most valuable thing in your business and be able to recover the data whenever necessary.

We have the experience and expertise in a wide range of industry leading backup and continuity solutions, supported by close vendor relationships. This ensures we deliver resilient and fail safe solutions that will protect your business from risk.

Technologies, we cover

Below is a cross section of the solutions we provide, but if you don’t see what you need, please get in touch since we cover most business needs.

  • Backup of Database, Email and other hierarchical data systems
  • Backups in virtualization environments
  • Rapid recovery
  • Simple, shadow copy or accelerated backup
  • Continuous backup and recovery capability

Prevention rather than cure

Preventing data disaster in the first place, making sure you can return to operational levels within your time frames, and preparing for the unthinkable: those so-called “Acts of God”.

Moving to the next level

Working with you to audit and test your existing solution, followed up with recommendations for improvement.

Close partnerships with industry leading technology vendors

We partner with a number of industry leading Backup and Continuity solution providers such as Symantec, Acronis, Dell etc. Means we can bring you the latest technology.