Outsourced Help Desk

where your IT team is

Maintaining an efficient and comprehensive support process in house is costly and time consuming, and there are issues covering absence, staff moving on, so it makes sense to outsource.

We offer a range of outsourced Service Desk options for SMEs, from over spill services to fully outsourced services for complete Service Desk support.

Our clients cover all markets and range in size from small to medium businesses to organizations with offices around the world. We’ll provide support that will meet your requirements perfectly. If you prefer, we can integrate with you so your end-users need never know that we’re not a part of your business or that the support is outsourced.

Outsourced Service Desk features at a glance

Outsource all or part of your needs

Businesses with limited IT resource often outsource their entire IT support function. However, we can also offer outsourcing of part of support together with ticket management, support with issues being escalated to us where particular expertise is needed.

Advanced ticketing processes

Our ticketing process is efficient and predictable, and we use a sophisticated support management system. We also have full audit trails on each ticket, together with real-time dashboards, that ensure everything gets resolved promptly and in accordance with the impact it is having on your business.

Unlimited support service

Comes with unlimited remote support – we agree the pricing up-front, and after that you can use us as many or as few times as you need to. And our price is competitive and within reach of small businesses. You can get in touch as often as you need, by phone, email or using our web or chat application – whichever is most convenient.

Easy ticket creation, transparent progress and reporting

Your staff, or a nominated representative, can create tickets by phone, by email, using our chat application or through our web via the desktop client, mobile app or web version.

Why outsource service desk?

Whether you call it a Help Desk or a Service Desk, maintaining an efficient and comprehensive support process in house is costly and time consuming, and there are issues covering absence, and experienced staff moving on, so it makes sense to outsource some or all of the function.

  • Efficiency – you can be certain that it will be dealt with quickly, efficiently, transparently (so you know whats happening)
  • Instant Expertise – you will get expertise and experience of our technical team
  • Specialist resource on-hand – Our team will be there when you need
  • Cost savings – All of these factors will help you keep the costs down and productivity high.

If you think we can help, or you’d like more information about our outsourced Service Desk or other IT support services.