Pay As You Go

No Commitment!

Whether it’s an emergency that requires urgent remote support or a rapid onsite visit such as a critical server failure

Our pay as you go IT support service is for businesses or IT teams needing complementary IT support and those not wishing to commit to a contract – simply pay for the service you need.

This is an ideal ad-hoc service for general one-off IT support issues, emergency support, consultation services, project work and for companies with an existing IT department that require additional resources.

Advantages of our Pay As You Go service

Here’s four ways we differ from other providers of ad-hoc and emergency IT support and services:

  • No pre-purchase or booking required.
  • Transparent and up-front pricing, charged at our standard hourly rate.
  • Guaranteed fix with agreed ceiling on billable-hours
  • Full communication and timely progress updates using our enterprise-class ticket management systems.

Where we can help

We’re here when you need extra help or expertise, whether it’s an emergency that requires urgent remote support or a rapid onsite visit (such as a critical server failure) or just a one-off or intermittent issue that needs resolving.

Temporary cover

Common scenarios where we can assist include cover for holidays, sickness or other absence, while existing IT staff are on secondments or training, after new project roll outs to provide extra cover.

What we cover

The services we offer cover all of these technical areas and more:

  • IT support – remote or on your premises.
  • Servers – hosted and virtual
  • Workstations – hardware troubleshooting and specialized software installation
  • Network and infrastructure, communications and broadband, routing, switching, Windows AD directories, etc

Who’s this for?

Our Pay as you Go IT Support service is for existing IT departments who want complimentary support or need extra resources and expertise. We cater for smaller organizations, at all levels. We recognize that small business and start-ups may not want to commit to a support contract, and this is one of the reasons we offer this service.

The next step…

If you think we can help, or you’d like more information about our pay as you go or other IT support services, please contact us today